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Smart geosynthetics project at ISAP conference

ISAP Conference renforcement grille
Texinov Geosynthetics participated in the International Society for Asphalt Pavements (ISAP) conference held from 19th to 21st June in Fortaleza, Brazil. The theme of the international symposium: “Pavement Design where did we come? And where are we going “.

In this context, we were able to present our joint project with the University of Limoges (IUT of Egletons) of intelligent geosynthetics for pavements allowing in particular the measurement of stresses. This unusual and original project was the only one of its kind and shows the innovation arising from this partnership.

From technical side, the aim of the project was to validate the optical fiber system integrated into the core of the pavement reinforcement grid to measure the stresses under dynamic loading (traffic). Conventional stress sensors have been used to compare systems and validate the process. A retro-calculation from the results of the FWD (Falling Weight Deflector) test made it possible to know the equivalent elastic modulus of the multilayer pavement. Subsequently, a FWD type loading could be modeled and compared with the experimental results.

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